Turn Your Property Into Cash


I know you want to turn your property into cash, almost overnight!

You have probably heard of companies that will take your vehicle off your hands, for cash, regardless of how beat up, that old banger is?  Wouldn’t it be great if you could do the same with that old broken down house your grandmother left you? Our first blog will help you find the techniques and different things to look for. Check it out!

Cornerstone Organization LLC can take that property off your hands, and replace it with cold hard cash inside of 48 hours. It doesn’t matter what condition the property is in, so long as it is actually yours to sell. If you have a property you want to hand off in exchange for quick cash then it is us that you need to call.

Perhaps you have been visiting auction houses around the country looking for great deals on a property, rather than buying on the open market. That’s a great idea, usually. What happens if that property, that sounded like such a great steal at auction, turned out to be less valuable than the ink the deed was written in?

Ordinarily, you are stuck with a house that you cannot possibly sell and, to add insult to injury, you are probably liable for property taxes too. In this scenario, you are not just out of pocket – you are actively losing money on a regular basis. Who would want to be in your shoes right now? Not very many people, that’s for sure.

All is not lost, though, because you can always sell it to us. Even if that property turned out to be a busted dollhouse on an empty plot of land – we will still buy it (the land, you can keep the dollhouse as a reminder of some good times).

Selling up because you are moving?

Sometimes people need to sell a house quickly because they have to move home. Whatever the urgency, we can help. For example, perhaps you have just landed a dream job but it means moving out of state? The sooner you sell, the sooner you can move. Some companies help new employees to relocate by offering certain services; they can help you move your belongings, find a new home close to your new job or even help to sell your existing home.

Sadly, these companies (great as they are) are far and few between. Don’t worry, because if you need to sell up quick so you can move, we can close within 7 days if we need to – and that’s guaranteed. Never miss an amazing opportunity because of issues selling a few bricks!

If you need more information, or if you have any questions about any part of the process, then please don’t hesitate to Contact us today!

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